Biography: Paul G Mullins

Biography: Paul G Mullins

Reader in Neuroimaging, Director and Senior Physicist Bangor Imaging Centre, School of Psychology, Bangor University, Bangor, Gwynedd, United Kingdom.

Currently the Director of the Bangor Imaging Centre in the School of Psychology home to a research dedicated 3T whole body MRI system used for functional and structural imaging studies. Liaising with researchers from the College of Health and Behavioural Sciences on study design, data acquisition and processing and resources available to help with their research questions, my aim is to build a world-class centre for neuroimaging research in North Wales.

Actively involved in research using magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) to measure neurochemistry in central nervous system function, my research primarily focuses on measuring functional dynamics of the neurotransmitters Glutamate and GABA in response to external and internal stimuli. In addition to developing functional magnetic resonance spectroscopy (fMRS), I have research programs applying neuroimaging and MRS in chronic pain, ageing and dementia, and recently mindfulness. Working with Colleagues in the School of Sports and Exercise Sciences I am also interested in the physiological affects of hypoxia on the brain. Most recently work has focused on the simultaneous acquisition of MRS and EEG data to better elucidate the neurochemical correlates of neuronal activity.

Teaching activities include coordination of the MSc in Neuroimaging, and lecturer for the “Introduction to Neuroimaging” and “Advanced Techniques in Neuroimaging” modules. I have direct supervision of 3 PhD students, co-supervision of 4 others, and generally several MSc students’ neuroimaging research projects. I have already successfully supervised 28 MSc students to completion.

I am involved in collaborative research with colleagues in the USA, Ireland and the UK on imaging and spectroscopy studies.

My undergraduate education was at James Cook University in Australia, where I received a Bachelor of Science (Honours), majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry.   My Honours project involved the use of phosphorous MRS in the study of traumatic brain injury.  I then worked at the Centre for Magnetic Resonance at the University of Queensland as a research assistant.  My PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia was acquired while working for SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals using MR methodologies to study stroke. During this PhD I further developed my interest in the brain and how brain cells communicate, and respond, to external stimuli, injury and illness. I followed my PhD with post-docs at Georgetown University and then the University of New Mexico, using MRI and MRS to study traumatic brain injury and Schizophrenia among other central nervous system disorders.  I then worked at The MIND Imaging Centre in Albuquerque NM managing the 4T MRI facility, before leaving for North Wales and my current position.