Current Projects

Functional MRS:

  • measuring Glutamatergic correlates of neural activity




  • Funded by the European Union’s INTERREG IVA Ireland Wales Programme the NeuroSKILL-1NeuroSKILL project is a collaboration among Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and Bangor University. The programme developed new training resources for clinicians and health services personnel in the use of neuroimaging for diagnosis of dementia, stimulated technology transfer across the partner universities universities, and provided resources for patients and their families in understanding dementia. Workshops and open days were delivered at all three sites across the three year time frame of the project.  Shortlisted for the Irish research excellence awards, the project has produced several research outputs, with more yet to come, including:
  • Age related changes in neurochemistry measured using magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  • Functional connectivity in young and healthy aging adults
  • Cerebral Blood flow measures in young and healthy aging adults





  • Measures of Cerebral Blood flow in Hypoxia
  • Neurochemical correlates of trait and state measures of behaviour


  • Functional connectivity changes in response to chronic pain
  • MRS measures in pain tolerance and chronic pain
  • Volumetric changes to the brain in chronic pain